Buy DIRECTLY from Denmark's largest dealer – EJNER HESSEL A/S

Whether you are an experienced or novice buyer, you will always find a large selection of vehicles directly from HESSEL WHOLESALE. All of these vehicles can only be purchased online and will also include 'offsite' vehicles or vehicles sold shortly before being de-fleeted.

Upcoming vehicles

Buy de-fleeting vehicles prior to the actual de-fleet date. Variance greater than 2.000 km will be adjusted with a rebate on € 15.00 per 100 km exceeded. If the buyer can document (Photos) that the vehicle has damage for more than € 400.00 in relation to inspection report, the buyer will get a reduction of the purchase price equivalent thereto.

BUY NOW vehicles

Buy cars, that are ready for transport 24/7, with certified condition reports highlighting the imperfections in both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. The condition of the vehicle is photographed and documented by a professional third-party.

Live online auctions

Bid on vehicles against other professional car dealerships on our online auctions with open bids and "Hot bid" sales. More to come soon.